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School counselors play a critical role in the decisions that students make regarding their college choice. The Reynolds Office of Outreach and Recruitment is committed to providing you with up to date information that can help students who are interested in joining our academic community. Contact the Office of Recruitment and K-12 Coaching at (804) 523-5789 for information from Reynolds that can help you do your great work.

Here are some tools to get you started:

Sweet Options for High Schoolers
Reynolds Community College offers several ways for students to get started on their college careers while still in high school. To take advantage of these sweet opportunities, students should begin preparing in middle school (or junior high).

Office of Dual Enrollment
The Dual Enrollment Program (available to high school juniors and seniors) allows students to take college-level courses fulfilling both high school and college graduation requirements. 

Scholarships at Reynolds
Learn more about available scholarships through Reynolds. Apply once and be considered for all available scholarships. 

Students requiring accommodations
Learn more about accommodations offered at Reynolds as well as the Reynolds Program for Adults in Vocational Education (PAVE)

Request a Visit or a Tour
Our high school career coaches are happy to visit your school for small or large group presentations to students. We can also schedule group tours of any campus for your students. Please contact Yvette Brooks at (804) 523-5789 for more information.

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