Recruitment and K-12 Coaching

Community College Career Coach Project

Reynolds is committed to helping high school students successfully transition into post-secondary opportunities. The Reynolds high school career coach project places part-time college employees at area high schools. Career coaches help students set goals and make make plans for their lives after high school.  The program is a collaborative  between Reynolds Community College, the Virginia Community College System,  and the Virginia Department of Education.

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College currently has eleven Career Coaches located at the following schools:


Doreen Cobbs brings with her more than fifteen years of student services experience in elementary and secondary settings as a school counselor in communities large and small, rural and urban. She thrives on helping students of all ages take ownership for their education and appreciate lifelong learning.

Having lived and worked in four states in three years, Ms. Cobbs has learned the value of taking what the terrain gives you. She encourages students to step out of their comfort zone and to think way outside of the box.

Ms. Cobbs enjoys working in both secondary and post-secondary settings and helping high school students take on the challenge of earning two years of college credit and a high school diploma. She considers it a privilege to serve Hanover County ACA students as they work toward achieving their unique personal goals after high school.



Doreen Cobbs

Doreen Cobbs, M.Ed.

Advance College Academy Career Coach

Patrick Henry High School

Hanover County Public Schools 





Rick Cole

Rick Cole, M.Ed.

Advance College Academy Career Coach

Powhatan High School

Powhatan County Public Schools



Rick Cole has served as the Career Coach at Powhatan High School since 2010, helping students to explore and plan for careers and/or post-secondary education. He is a retired high school principal and a former health and physical education teacher. For the past two summers, Mr. Cole has served as the SDV 100 instructor for the Advance College Academy students at Powhatan high school.



Mrs. Susan Daniel Fayad brings with her more than 17 years of experience in the field of education. Her various experiences in the field include elementary education and international education programs. In the last 10 years, she has concentrated on advising, as a state department sponsored education adviser in Lebanon, a financial aid adviser for GRASP and a college instructor in Student Success.  Susan believes that these collective experiences allow her to see the nuances and perspectives of career counseling and enable her to connect better with students to navigate their career pathways.


Susan Fayad

Susan Daniel Fayad, M.A.

Perkins Career Coach

Huguenot High School

Richmond City Public Schools



Ms. Teona Henderson holds a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science from Virginia State University and a Master of Science from Virginia Tech in Career and Technical Education. She brings with her three years of teaching experience and a love for working with young people. She believes in her role as a CTE Career Coach she will be afforded the opportunity to touch many young people to prepare them for their careers after high school.

Teona Henderson

Teona Henderson, M.S.

Career Technical Education Career Coach

Advanced Career Education Center at Hermitage High School

Advanced Career Education Center at Highland Springs High School

Henrico County Public Schools



Dorian Johnson

Dorian Johnson, M.A.

Career and Technical Education Career Coach

Richmond Technical Center

Richmond City Public Schools



Ms. Dorian Johnson holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Norfolk State University and a Master of Arts in Urban Community Counseling from Norfolk State University. Dorian has extensive experience in the mental health field, with an emphasis on trauma counseling and advocacy for students. Most recently, she worked as a career coach for the Youth Career Center of Hampton Roads. There,  she created and led a program for high school students designed to help students develop pathways to their future careers.

Dorian believes her background in counseling will allow her to build a solid rapport with each student served, and take an educational, directive approach to assisting students with identifying their career goals while taking critical actions toward achieving those goals.

Mrs. Jennifer Rankin is excited to work with students as the ACA Career Coach.  She has spent the majority of her career working as a community college career counselor.  She has worked closely with learners of all ages including high school students, traditionally aged college students, adult college students, and individuals with disabilities.  Mrs. Rankin is passionate about getting to know her students and helping them to identify their innate strengths, skills and interests.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from St. Joseph's University and a Master of Science in Counseling and Human Relations from Villanova University.  Mrs. Rankin is excited to work with the students and families in the ACA program, and help the ACA students develop necessary tools and skills that will empower them to reach their educational, career and lifelong goals.

Jennifer Rankin

Jennifer Rankin, M.S.

Advance College Academy Career Coach

John Randolph Tucker High School

Henrico County Public Schools



 Taylor Reahard

Taylor Reahard, M.Ed.

Advance College Academy Career Coach

Goochland High School

Goochland County Public Schools



Mrs. Taylor Reahard received her B.S. in Psychology and M.Ed. in School Counseling, both from Virginia Commonwealth University.  She has always had a passion for working with students in the school setting.  What she loves about the ACA program is she gets the chance to help students realize their dreams and discover different opportunities for post-secondary education to make those dreams a reality.   Getting to know her students and building relationships with them is what she finds most rewarding about her position.  As the ACA Career Coach, Mrs. Reahard is dedicated to supporting her students throughout the program and helping them to reach their full potential.

Mrs. Elizabeth Roerink graduated in 2001 from James Madison University with an undergraduate degree and from the University of Memphis in 2006 with a M.S. degree in School Counseling. Her various experiences in the education field include serving as a high school counselor, college admissions counselor, and working in Student Disability Services at the college level. She believes serving students in these different capacities has given her a unique perspective of preparing students to be successful in their college and career endeavors. She has a passion for building relationships with her ACA students and parents and believes communication between all is essential. 

Elizabeth Roerink

Elizabeth H. Roerink, M.S.

Advance College Academy Career Coach

Lee Davis High School

Hanover County Public Schools



Melvin Roase

Melvin L. Rose, M.Ed.

Early College Academy Career Coach

Richmond City Public Schools



Coach Rose, as he prefers to be called, was born and reared in Richmond. He is known for his quick wit, enduring sense of humor, and pleasant smile. He received his undergraduate degree in instrumental music from North Carolina A&T University, a M.Ed. with a concentration in guidance and counseling from South Carolina State College, and holds a doctorate from The Infinity Bible Seminary of Richmond, VA. Coach Rose is a retired educator with more than 40 years of experience in the field of education. He is excited to mentor and encourage students from Richmond Public Schools high schools in the Early College Academy.

Ayanna Thompson loves education, which is why she has willingly spent the majority of life as either a student or an educator. Her professional experience includes positions in the public school setting working with students from PK-12. She has also worked in residence life, enrollment management, admissions, and academic affairs at various colleges and universities. She is particularly passionate about helping students achieve their college aspirations. Although has already received her own set of degrees - a Bachelor of Science from James Madison University, a Master of Science from Howard University, and a Master of Education from Regent University - Ms. Thompson is most excited about witnessing the Early College Academy students earn their own degrees.

Ayanna Thompson

Ayanna Thompson, M.Ed., M.S.

Early College Academy Career Coach

Richmond City Public Schools



 Robert Tyson

Robert Tyson, M.S.

Advance College Academy Career Coach

Highland Springs High School

Henrico County Public Schools



Mr. Tyson is a career educator. He began as a Biology teacher and coach in Hampton, Virginia. In 1978, he started working in Henrico County Public Schools. Mr. Tyson served for twenty-three years as a school administrator. He retired as the principal of Hermitage High School in 2008. Prior to becoming the Advance College Academy career coach at Highland Springs High School, Mr. Tyson worked at Reynolds for seven years as an adjunct faculty member.