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How do I publicize news?
For major news events, please inform us at least one month in advance. Reynolds uses a special masthead for news releases and this is the only acceptable news release format. Please note that while we can send news to the media, we cannot guarantee its publication.

Can I create a news release?
You are welcome to draft a news release. When complete please forward it to Steve Vehorn at Steve will finalize the news release, put it on the Reynolds masthead and assist you in pushing the release out to media outlets. Click here for style tips on preparing the document.   

What sort of assistance do you provide in planning and publicizing events?
Every event is different, but one of the most important things to remember is to plan ahead. It is critical to discuss your event with us early in the planning stage. Events that you want advertised on local community calendars should be submitted six weeks in advance of the event. 

Using the Events Announcement Request worksheet helps to identify key components of your project. Generally, the Department of Communications supports classifies events in three categories: A, B and C. For the five “A” level signature events (Convocation, PTK Induction Ceremony, Local Officials Dinner, EWI Dinner and Graduation) the Communications Department is involved in logistics and planning meetings.

For “B” level events (such as speakers, book discussions, MEC events, Science Night, Reynolds Student Art Show) the Department of Communications will promote internally on flat screens, Reynolds RAVE, website, student dlist email, and faculty/staff email and externally on social media, community event calendars, news release and blog story. 

For “C” level events the Department of Communications will promote the event internally on flat screens, social media, student dlist email, and on the website.

How do I get a new brochure designed and printed?
Fill out the online request form or contact the Office of Marketing at (804) 523-5231 for assistance.

How can I get help updating my department’s web page?
Fill out the online request form or contact the Office of Marketing at (804) 523-5231 for assistance.

What do I do if the media calls?
As faculty and staff, your willingness to work with the media can enhance the reputation of Reynolds and of your work. Members of the media may ask you to comment on current trends or issues or serve as a source. If a reporter calls you, please contact Steve Vehorn,  who will help you prepare for the interview. Remember, it is important to respond to reporters in a timely manner. If you are unable to return a media call, or would prefer not to, please refer the reporter to Steve.

Can I submit ideas or content for your blog?
Absolutely! Contact Steve Vehorn at (804) 523-5229 ( or Peggy FaJohn at (804) 523-5448 ( Click here for style tips on preparing the document. 

Can individual departments create Facebook pages? 
Reynolds has a robust Facebook Page which is monitored daily. A few departments at Reynolds currently have their own Facebook pages allowing them to communicate directly with their students regarding key information and assignments. If you are considering starting a Facebook page for your department, please contact Steve Vehorn or Joe Schilling for assistance.

Do I need to obtain photo release forms when I take pictures?  
Yes. You may download the photo release form here. Please retain the release form in your files or send it to the Department of Communications.

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