Reynolds Leadership

President's Executive Cabinet

Genene LeRosen Amelia Bradshaw
Dr. Genene LeRosen
Executive Vice President
Amelia Bradshaw
Vice President of
Finance and Administration
Elizabeth Littlefield
Dr. David Loope
Vice President of Academic Affairs
Elizabeth Littlefield
Vice President of
Institutional Advancement
Thomas Hollins Mark Webster
Dr. Thomas Hollins
Vice President of Student Affairs
Dr. Mark Webster
Vice President of Technology
   Corliss Woodson
Dr. Timothy Merrill
Associate Vice President of
Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Corliss Woodson
Associate Vice President of 
Human Resources
Joseph Schilling  
Joe Schilling
Director of Communications
Special Assistant to the President
Ann Bushey
Executive Assistant to the President
Reynolds Community College
Office of the President
Ann Bushey,
Executive Assistant
(804) 523-5200