Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion at Reynolds

Reynolds Community College is committed to fostering, cultivating, and sustaining a culture of diversity and inclusion.  In the fall of 2015, the Reynolds Diversity and Inclusion Committee (RDIC) was created and charged with identifying strategies, actions, programs and policies to help Reynolds build an inclusive college community and ensure that the demographic statistics of our faculty and staff reflect the demographic statistics of the student population that we serve.  Additionally, the committee establishes annual goals and objectives, conducts regular assessments, and provides an annual report of progress to the VCCS chancellor, via the president.

Meaning of diversity and inclusion image

The imagery in the above web banner represents what we, at Reynolds, value when engaging in conversations about diversity and inclusion. We respect one another’s thoughts, words, and actions. And before we speak or act ourselves, we are mindful of our own thoughts, words, and actions … and how these might affect others. This theme was prevalent among our guiding committee members, and in our initial discussions of what diversity and inclusion meant to each of us. We wanted to capture the significance visually, as a bold statement of our beliefs and commitment to this value at Reynolds.

The Reynolds Diversity and Inclusion Committee (RDIC) is made up of a diverse team of faculty and staff representing all employee groups at the college.  Members on the committee are as follows: 

Corliss Woodson, Associate Vice President of Human Resources and EEO Officer (Co-Chair)
Amelia Bradshaw, Vice President of Finance and Administration 
Dr. Kimberly Britt, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Kimberly Cain, Scholarship Manager/President-Classified Council
Dr. Alan Crouch, Associate Dean, School of Business/President – Professional Administrative Faculty Senate
Ann Bushey, Executive Assistant to the President
William Judon, Police Sergeant 
Jacqueline Manley, Student Life Specialist
Dr. Maria Poindexter, Coordinator, College-wide Professional Development
Dr. Jason Sampson, Professor of History/President, Faculty Senate
Joe Schilling, Director of Communications/Special Assistant to the President
Kelly Smith, Director of Marketing
Mike Verdú, Director of Facilities Management and Planning 
Mary Waite, Human Resource Manager
Hong Wu, Director, Library, Information Services and Academic Support

How the RDIC will address the Chancellor's themes for Diversity and Inclusion: 

Communication and Vision Sharing

  • In June 2016, Dr. Chris Lee, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resource Services, and Ms. Kathryn Haselhorst, VCCS Diversity Officer, shared the VCCS Chancellor’s vision of diversity and inclusion for Virginia’s community colleges.
  • Reynolds will communicate the diversity and inclusion message to all Reynolds faculty, staff and students. 
  • Whenever possible, web and written published images will reflect our diverse student, faculty and staff populations. 
  • Annual reports will be used to share information with the VCCS chancellor, via the college president.

Recruitment and Development

  • College policy will be updated to strengthen the requirement for having a diverse interview panel and for advertising open positions to seek diversity in applicants applying for all positions.  
  • Reynolds will increase its use of the VCCS Minority Professional Teaching Fellowship Program and the VCCS Graduate Student Fellowship Program to increase the minority representation for all faculty recruitment efforts.

Community Engagement

  • The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will partner with internal groups, like our Multicultural Enrichment Committee, to support and promote college events that demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion.  Many of these events are open to students and to the general public.


  • The college's Operational Plan will be used to ensure that every unit incorporates diversity and inclusion in its annual planning. 
  • Training will be developed for faculty and staff and be presented to the college community beginning in the fall of 2016.

As a proud member of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS), Reynolds supports the Chancellor's Diversity Task Force's Educational Case for Diversity and Inclusion. The report can be found HERE.

The State Board of Community Colleges' Diversity Policy:

The VCCS is committed to fostering, cultivating, and sustaining a culture of diversity and inclusion. The VCCS acknowledges the vital impact of a diverse and inclusive community on academic programs, on workforce development and other training, and on the larger communities served by our colleges. Students from diverse backgrounds, taught by faculty and assisted by staff from similarly diverse backgrounds, benefit from an abundant educational experience that prepares them for success in an increasingly interconnected and multi-cultural world. Therefore, it is the policy of the VCCS to employ and retain individuals who reflect our diverse society. A culture of diversity and inclusion shall manifest in all dimensions of Virginia's Community Colleges.