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The passionate support of our Foundation Board of Directors helps move Reynolds – and the Richmond region – forward. We thank them for their philanthropic leadership, guidance, and enthusiasm for the Reynolds mission of affordable and accessible higher education and training for our community.


  Foundation Board of Directors, 2018-2019
Mitchell Haddon

Mitchell F. Haddon
Foundation Board President
ColonialWebb Contractors


Nancy Belleman Amelia Bradshaw  Katherine E. Busser


Nancy R. Belleman
Community Volunteer



Amelia M. Bradshaw
Foundation Board Assistant Treasurer
J. Sargeant Reynolds 
Community Colleger




Katherine E. Busser
Community Volunteer


Larry Doyle Patrick W. Farrell Maggie Georgiadis 


Lawrence Doyle
Capital One



Patrick W. Farrell
Foundation Board Vice President
Community Volunteer



Maggie Georgiadis
Community Volunteer

Julie H. Gustavsson Mitchell Haddon  William E. Hardy 


Julie H. Gustavsson
Keiter CPA’s 



Mitchell F. Haddon
Foundation Board President
ColonialWebb Contractors



 William E. Hardy
Foundation Board Treasurer
Harris, Hardy & Johnstone, P.C.

Jean Holman Neil Kessler Image of William L. “Bill” Murray 


Jean P. Holman
Virginia Credit Union (Retired) 


Neil S. Kessler
Troutman Sanders (Retired) 

William L. Murray
Dominion Energy
Image of Grant Neely Theresa Noe Dr. Paula P. Pando 

Grant Neely
Dominion Energy

Theresa K. Noë
Foundation Board Secretary
Patient First

Dr. Paula P. Pando
J. Sargeant Reynolds 
Community College
Image of Celia A. Rafalko Image of Lea S. Rasmussen J. Sargeant Reynolds, Jr. 


Celia A. Rafalko
Cary Street Partners 



Lea S. Rasmussen, CPA
Mitchell Wiggins



J. Sargeant Reynolds, Jr.
Reynolds Development


R. Roland Reynolds Patricia L. Robertson Image of Richard C. Rush


R. Roland Reynolds 
Special Advisor to the Board
Industry Little Hawk LLC


Patricia L. Robertson
Bon Secours Virginia (Retired)


Richard C. Rush
United States Navy (Retired)

Image of Helayne Spivak  E. Massie Valentine, Jr. Ben Warner 


Helayne Spivak
Dinosaur Lounge, LLC
Community Volunteer



E. Massie Valentine, Jr.
Foundation Board Past President
Davenport & Company   


Benjamin J. Warner
Henrico Doctors' Hospital  

Directors Emeriti
Dimitri B. Georgiadis (1927-2012)
L. H. Ginn III
Lucylle F. Gordon (1920-2005)
Jeanette S. Lipman (1914 – 2017)
J. Sargeant Reynolds, Jr.
Patricia L. Robertson


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