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Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services is home to Reynolds’ tutorial programs. Faculty and peer tutors provide one-on-one and small group tutorial conferences for Reynolds students free of charge. Students can request a tutor as early as the first week of each academic term. Contact Tutoring Services to schedule an appointment for your first tutorial session. After each session, a subsequent appointment is scheduled upon request.

How can I get help?

Students may view the Guidelines and fill out a Request for Tutoring application as early as the first week of each academic term. An appointment is scheduled for the first tutorial session. After each tutorial session, another appointment is scheduled upon request.

Who is eligible to receive tutorial services?

Reynolds students enrolled in credit courses are eligible for free tutoring (see Guidelines). Tutoring Services do not provide tutoring for:

  • students in courses they have completed successfully (A, B, C, D, S)
  • students in non-credit courses
  • students in audited courses
  • seniors taking tuition-free courses or students from special programs at Reynolds that incorporate tutoring or reduced sized classes

What courses are tutored?

Tutoring is available in a variety of individual course titles. The list below is only a sample. Other courses may be available each term. Visit Tutoring Services to check the current list.

English as a Second Language
Oral Communication
Reading and Study Skills

Computer Science
Foreign Languages
Information Technology