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Technology Support


Blackboard is an online course management system used for distance learning and traditional classes. Access Blackboard by logging into your MyReynolds account.

Accessing Your Courses
Blackboard components for courses utilizing the system will be available the on the semester's first day of class. Any courses appearing on your class schedule that utilize Blackboard will appear in the "My Blackboard Courses" module on Blackboard. You will see this module immediately after you log into Blackboard link from MyReynolds. Click a course's title in this module to access the course.

Blackboard Help
Visit this collection of Blackboard Tutorials for overviews and video tutorials about Blackboard. Learn how to submit assignments, check your grades, work in groups, and many other tasks you will need to accomplish within Blackboard.

For issues that cannot be resolved through these tutorials, please call (804) 371-3000 or visit any campus Academic Computing Center for help with accessing your course or basic questions about software. Contact your instructor with question about your course requirements, how to submit assignments, course functions like discussion boards, and online tests.

Distance Learning Students

Reynolds uses the Blackboard learning management system (LMS) to facilitate online classes. Most of your online classwork will be done within your Blackboard course site. You should log in a minimum of three times a week or more, depending on your course requirements established by your professor. There are many tools within Blackboard that enable interaction and engagement. If you occasionally have some difficulty working with them, call (804) 371-3000 for assistance or click on the Help tab in Blackboard to send an email to Reynolds Student Help.

A word about browsers: Internet browsers enable us to read the code that makes up all the websites on the Internet. They enable ordinary people to access and use the volumes of information. Since they are the connecting piece, they are subject to security problems and various malfunctions. Browsers are updated frequently to correct malfunctions and security vulnerabilities. However, each update may also create new problems. They are free and download in less than a minute on a high-speed Internet connection. The most popular current browsers are: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. They come in iterations for most operating systems so you always have choices. Most computers come with one browser but we recommend that you have at least two different browsers installed on your computer. If you experience a Blackboard problem where something does not work or appear as it should, try another browser. Many times, that will clear up the problem.

The official compatibility chart for operating systems and browsers provides guidelines for the configurations that work with Blackboard. However, keep the above in mind as updates may create a problem that did not exist before.

Blackboard On Demand Learning Center for Students provides videos and tutorials for many online tasks. They include information for connecting to some of the publisher (Pearson, Wiley, etc.) produced resources that may be used by some professors.