Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Summer 2017

Ever thought about traveling to Italy or to Greece? Now's your chance! Reynolds Community College and John Tyler Community College  are sponsoring study abroad trips that will take students to Italy or to Greece during summer 2017.


The American Romantics in Italy - ProgRam Full

June 27 - July 11


Travel to Venice, Florence, Rome, and Sorrento immersing yourself in the romance of the culture. Experience unique destinations including La Fenice Opera House in Venice, the newly opened Vassari Corridor in the Uffizi, and the paleo-Christian catacombs in Naples, as well as the Venice Biennale Art Exhibit, Verona Opera, and San Gimignano Musica Festival.


Classes are held at  Reynolds Community College, Parham Road Campus.

ENG 295: The American Romantics in Italy
3 credit hours (literature or transfer elective credit) 




 Ancient Greece: In the Footsteps of Gods and Heroes

June 23 - July 10


Visit ancient ruins, museums and other historic sites while studying the history, literature, architecture, and art of ancient greece.


Classes are held at John Tyler Community College.

HIS 243 The Ancient World 
3 credit hours (history, social science or transfer elective credit)

ENG 257 Mythology
3 credit hours (literature, humanities or transfer elective credit)

HUM 241 Interdisciplinary Principles of the Humanities: Topics in Greek Culture
3 credit hours (humanities or transfer elective credit)