Honors at Reynolds

Honors Courses

Course Permission (non-Honors Program students)

See the list of designated courses below, noting the course and section number.  

Apply for a seat in an Honors class by submitting the Course Permission form (for non-program students)


Designated Honors sections offered in Fall 2018

Course Title  Instructor Days/Times Section, Campus, Room Course #
English 251 Honors Survey of World Literature I Lira, Jason  MW 2:30-3:45 01NP (Parham) 36145
History 121 Honors U.S. History I
Sampson, Jason  TTH 1-2:15 01NP (Parham)  36874
Biology 101 Honors General Biology I Neal, Karen 

MW 9-11:40

01NP (Parham) 36891
Chemistry 111 Honors College Chemistry I Sullivan, Ann

TTH 1-2:30

T 2:45-5:45

01ND (Downtown) 36217
Psychology 200 Honors Principles of Psychology
Carlton, Casey MW 1:00 - 2:15  01NP (Parham) 35799
Philosophy 220 Honors Ethics

Latartara, Peter

W 4:00-6:40 01NP (Parham) 36482

Faculty Available for Contract Courses:

Certified Honors faculty may offer an Honors contract in a non-Honors course, allowing Honors students to receive Honors credit.

The Honors certified faculty are listed below by discipline. Honors Program students looking for an Honors contract in a course other than one of the designated Honors offerings should look for standard classes taught by one of the certified Honors faculty. Then, contact the Honors Program Coordinator and the Honors faculty member to begin arranging for a contract in a non-Honors course. Should you require assistance with this process, please contact the Honors Program Coordinator.  

Discipline Instructors

Christopher Thomas

Jason Sampson


Barry Bomboy


Ashley Bourne-Richardson (literature and composition)

Barbara Lytton (literature and composition)

Teresa Creech (literature)

Maria Ramos (literature)

Jason Lira (literature)

Beth Bensen (composition)

Jane Rosecrans (literature)

Arleen Reinhardt (composition)

Karyn Pallay (composition)

Geology  Karen Layou

Ann Sullivan

Jelsa Varghese


Janet Adams

Travis Anthony

Karen Neal

Shalini Upadhyaya

Sociology Gayle D'Andrea 
Psychology Casey Carlton

James Wolfle

Kathryn Swadgelo


D. Pulane Lucas

Krayton Davis

Accounting  Andrew G. Foster
Philosophy Peter Latartara
Health Stephen Sowulewski

 *contract options are available only to Honors program students

**Students need to confer with faculty to create an Honors contract in the semester prior to the course being offered

 Advising for Honors

The Honors Program Coordinator acts as a supplemental adviser for Honors Program students. Honors students should consult the Coordinator for assistance in planning their Honors curriculum, selecting Honors classes, arranging Honors contracts, and other matters as needed. Honors students retain their assigned academic adviser for all matters relating to the academic requirements in their curriculum of study.