Guaranteed Transfer Summaries

Virginia State University for Business Administration (Reynolds) 

Cumulative GPA Required:

  • Maintain minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75

Degree Required:

  • Earn transfer-oriented Associate's degree (A.S.) in Business Administration.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Students planning to transfer to VSU as 3rd year Reginald F. Lewis School of Business majors must complete the following courses: World History (HIS 111) or World Geography (GEO 220) elective, BUS 240, BUS 220, CST 229, MTH 164 and FIN 107

  • Students transferring from JSRCC will need to complete a total of 2 personal wellness elective credits and one additional social science elective prior to transfer from JSRCC

Acceptance Status:

  • A limit of 63 credits may be transferred to VSU from JSRCC and course equivalency and transfer credits should be limited to those courses required for the student’s selected major

  • Guarantees admission into its B.S. programs (Accounting, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing) with junior standing to those in the JSRCC Associate Degree in Business Administration

Letter of Intent Required:

  • Complete the Letter of Interest after completing 15 transferable credits at JSRCC