Guaranteed Transfer Summaries

Virginia Commonwealth University Engineering and Computer Science (Reynolds)

Cumulative GPA Required:

  • Maintain minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and no individual course grade lower than a "C". Students less than a 3.0 will be considered on an individual basis

Degree Required:

  • Encourages earning Associate in Science (A.S.) in Engineering or Computer Science. (Will consider for admission students transferring without earning the A.S.)

Course Prerequisites:

Acceptance Status:

  • VCU School of Engineering will admit students  as a junior into its B.S. programs (engineering or computer science)

Letter of Intent Required:

Minimum Grade in Transferable Courses:

Guaranteed Admission:

  • Guarantees admission into VCU's Engineering or Computer Science upon completion of Reynolds' Engineering or Computer Science program



  • Will consider for admission students who have not completed the A.S program but who have attained a grade of "B" or higher for all courses listed on the GAA attached table or substitute courses accepted by both colleges