Guaranteed Transfer Summaries

Strayer University (Reynolds)

Cumulative GPA Required:

  • Cumulative 2.0

Degree Required:

  • Earn an A.A./A.S. or A.A.A/A.A.S

Course Prerequisites:

  • Student may need to take the prerequisite for 300 or 400 level courses at Strayer University if prerequisite not taken at Reynolds.
  • Prerequisites may be taken at Reynolds if student has not transferred in 84 semester credit hours.

Acceptance Status:

  • Completion of A.A or A.S degree at Reynolds will be considered to have met all lower division general education requirements at Strayer University.
  • Students completing an A.A.A or A.A.S degree may need to satisfy additional lower division general education class at Strayer University.
  • Up to 84 semester credit hours transfer credits accepted.
  • Strayer University will evaluate AP, CLEP and courses earned at other institutions.
  • Prior life experience credits already evaluated as part of the associate's degree will be brought in with the degree.
  • Application fee waived.

Letter of Intent Required:

Minimum Grade in Transferable Courses:

  • Entire degree program will transfer including "C" and "D" grades.

Guaranteed Admission: