Distance Learning

Proctored Testing

Sometimes circumstances dictate that a Distance Learning student must take his/her proctored tests at another college testing site. To test at a site other than a Reynolds Community College campus, students must follow these procedures:

  1. Contact the testing center at the college where you’d like to take your tests.
    Arrange to have a testing proctor from that college agree to proctor your tests/exams at an appropriate location at the college. Note: Students are responsible for any “fees” that may be required for this service. We require a minimum one week notice prior to the date you are to take your first test to process testing requests. It is important that you plan ahead. The Center for Distance Learning (CDL) will not fax or email tests to other testing sites. Regardless of your location, your instructor will expect you to meet all course deadlines. Remember “prior planning prevents poor performance.” 
  2. Have the testing proctor at the off-site college complete the Proctor Request Form and submit it electronically.
    Proctors may send emails to: Submit a proctor request form for each course you wish to have completed. Proctor request forms may also be faxed to the Center for Distance Learning at (804) 523-5101. NOTE: Be sure you have given the proctor your name, the course, section, and the name of your instructor. Let the proctor know if we are to send “all” tests or only certain tests (if certain tests – please specify which tests you want sent). Ex: Jane Doe, MTH150-DL01, instructor name – send all tests or send only the Final Exam. 
  3. CDL will verify/approve the proctor and the proctor site
    Once CDL has received an email from the proctor and has verified the proctor information and approved the proctor site, the CDL will send the test(s) to that proctor.

    The Center for Distance Learning reserves the right to decline a proctor or proctor site. Students who are in Virginia must test at a Virginia community college with an approved proctor. Students outside of Virginia should seek a proctor at their local college or university. Students in the military may have tests proctored by the education officers at their duty stations. 
  4. The site proctor will mail the tests back to the CDL
    Students are responsible for mailing costs. Students may choose to provide a traceable mailer (ex. UPS, FEDEX, USPO Certified Mailer) for returning completed tests to us at their expense. If a student wishes to pay for this type of return mail, the proctor must seal the completed test(s), tape across the sealed label and write his/her signature across the sealed/taped flap. Student may take this secured envelope to be mailed by the traceable carrier he/she chooses. If the CDL receives the traceable return mailer and notices the sealed envelope with the proctor’s signature has been tampered with in any way, the CDL will notify the instructor of this situation. If the instructor agrees that the secured seal has been disturbed, the instructors have the option of accepting or discarding tests.