Distance Learning

Mobile Learning

Why Mobile Learning?

Mobile technologies possess educational potential for today’s generation similar to that of television some 40 years ago and the World Wide Web 20 years ago. Carly Shuler identifies the following key opportunities in mobile learning, which summarize arguments in the debate about mobile learning aptly:

Encourage ‘anywhere, anytime’ learning - Mobile devices allow students to gather, access, and process information outside the classroom. They can encourage learning in a real-world context, and help bridge school, after school, and home environments.

Reach the under-served population - Because of their relatively low cost and accessibility in low-income communities, handheld devices can help advance digital equity, reaching and inspiring populations ‘at the edges’ –those from economically disadvantaged communities and those from developing countries.

Improve twenty-first century social interactions - Mobile technologies have the power to promote and foster collaboration and communication, which are deemed essential for twenty-first century success.

Fit with learning environments - Mobile devices can help overcome many of the challenges associated with larger technologies, as they fit more naturally within various learning environments.

Enable a personalized learning experience - Not all learners are alike; instruction should be adaptable to individual and diverse learners. There are significant opportunities for genuinely supporting differentiated, autonomous, and individualized learning through mobile devices.

Blackboard’s Student App

Blackboard’s Student App provides mobile access to your courses on Reynolds’ Blackboard learning management system (LMS). Using Blackboard’s Student App, you can accomplish much of your coursework on the go while hanging out or in transit (not while driving). You can set up an activity stream that prioritizes events and actions, view and complete assignments, tests, and quizzes, check your grades and participate in class discussions.  Download it from Google Play and the App Store.

Blackboard’s Instructor App

Blackboard Instructor is a mobile app that provides instructors with a quick and easy way to manage courses, interact with students, and view content within their course(s). Blackboard’s Instructor App allows instructors to manage courses, preview content, create and reply to discussions, create and review announcements, and host and join Collaborate sessions.