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Reynolds has many active student clubs. Getting involved in student clubs and organizations is an exciting way for students to meet fellow students, develop leadership skills and enhance their classroom experiences. By planning or participating in on-campus activities, students can help make a positive impact at Reynolds. Students who do not find an on-campus club that interests them can work with the Office of Student Life to possibly start a new club.

Anime Club
The Anime Club shall be to allow any person to have higher responsibilities, meet people with the same interest, witness actions that work and don’t work, and enjoy activities together. Also, the Anime Club introduces Japanese animation to members, other students and staff. Club members lead group discussions about topics of choice and select an anime show to watch from what members bring in or show from paid internet site. For more information, please contact Hong-ye Huang at

Backyard Banter Improv Club
Backyard Banter is a comedy improv team that brings performances to Reynolds. They entertain and make the student body laugh. Please contact Cara Luyster at

Cru creates a caring community where students can feel safe to have spiritual discussions together and build meaningful relationships while also providing significant opportunities to serve others on and off campus. Please contact Lynda Cooksey at for more information.

EyeConic-Student Opticianry Club 
The EyeConic-Student Opticianry Club promotes a cohesive community amongst opticianry students at Reynolds Community College. Please contact Kristi Green at for more information. 

H.E.A.R.T Service Club
The H.E.A.R.T Service at Reynolds Community College gives students the opportunity to participate in a wide range of community service events and projects including local, holiday, and international aid! It serves Reynolds and the surrounding community to create positivity and strengthen relations. For more information, please contact Jackie Manley at

Horticulture Club
The Horticulture Club provides opportunities for professional development, social interaction, and community service to students with vocational interests in the field of horticulture. For more information, please contact David Seward at

International Student Club
The International Student Club promotes diversity on campus and a multicultural exchange of perspectives between international and American students. For more information, please contact Jackie Manley at

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
The Intervarsity Christian Fellowship club is a multiethnic community of students seeking to know God and make his love known on campus to anyone who wants to learn more about Christianity. Please contact Kathryn Swadgelo at for more information. 

Linux Users Club
The Linux Users Club provides a community of support to Linux users and promotes an open source software to students and staff. Please contact Sylvia Clay at

Muslim Student Association
The Muslim Student Association (MSA) provides service, information, and learning opportunities about Islam for both Muslim and non-Muslim students at Reynolds. For more information, please contact Ghazala Hashmi at or Lily Mirjahangiri at

Paralegal Student Society 
The Paralegal Student Society offers information about job and scholarship opportunities, advocates for student interests and creates new networking possibilities. Please contact Susan Brewer at for more information. 

P.A.V.E. Club
The P.A.V.E. Club (Program for Adults in Vocational Education) develops leadership and social skills for students who are enrolled in the P.A.V.E. program. For more information, please contact Greta Tucker at

Phi Beta Lambda
Phi Beta Lambda is the nationally recognized business organization. This club fosters the professional development of students who are interested in a career in business. For more information, please contact Dr. Mel Burton at

Phi Theta Kappa
Phi Theta Kappa is the internationally recognized academic honor society for two-year and junior colleges. This club provides its members with opportunities in leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and service. For more information, please visit or contact Cara Luyster at

Reynolds Car Club
The Reynolds Car Club brings together a community of like-minded individuals for the purpose of sharing knowledge and skills. Please contact Louis Luchsinger at  

Reynolds Entrepreneur Club
The Reynolds Entrepreneur Club is dedicated to student success. REP is designed to strengthen our collegiate education and provide entrepreneurial experiences to enhance students’ college and career aspiration in business. Please contact Maxie Cannon at for more information. 

Science Club
The Science Club creates an environment for the exchange of scientific ideas. Please contact Dr. Jerrod Hunter at for more information. 

Student Senate
The Student Senate advocates on behalf of the student body for issues and topics of interest to students at Reynolds. Members apply and interview at the beginning of the fall semester. Student Senate member terms run October through April. For more information, please contact Cara Luyster at

Teachers of Tomorrow
The Teachers of Tomorrow club provides informational activities about the teaching profession to students who are interested in a career in teaching. For more information, please contact Eric Barna at

Club Forms

Student Club Budget Request
Student Club Event-Meeting Attendance Sheet
Student Club Membership Roster Instructions
Student Club Reimbursement Form
Student Club Event-Meeting Approval Form
Student Club Fundraising Approval Form
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New Student Club Proposal
Guidelines for Creating a New Student Club or Organization
Planning and Activity or Event
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